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Join us on The Search

It's the driving force that lead to the creation of Rip Curl. It's all about pure Searching for Surf and enjoying the beautiful ride along the way. This clip sums up that deep rooted sense of exploration and desire and invites you in for a deeper look, for and at yourself.
What is it that makes us explore? It's The Search, the need to get out on the road and live life. In this story we look at a combination of moments that sums up that desire. Mick Fanning, Owen Wright, Gabriel Medina, Alana Blanchard and others enjoy the ride.
The Rip Curl Search team show the peaks and troughs of travel from airports to cars, boats and planes, ferry and by foot - its all worth it when you get there and it's pumping.
You heard about it or saw a picture. It's perfection personified. Right size, right wind, right for you. And you simply can't stop dreaming about it. You might as well leave school or quit your job now - because you need to go and turn that rumour in reality. Right now!
It's the nervous packing the night before, the rickety plane / boat / taxi ride, and the first set you see rolling into the lineup. The anticipation is what makes us feel alive!
It's the giggle from watching your mate wipeout, the chuckle from 'how good is this?!', to the howl of an oncoming set. The laughs on every search mission, whether in the water or on land are what keep the good times rolling. They're the stories that stay with you for a lifetime.
Owen and Tyler Wright, Mason Ho, Gabriel Medina in some heavy moments which show that - on The Search - it doesn't always go to plan. And the consequences can be painful.
Surfing. Searching. Adventure. Anticipation. Reflection. Respect. Friendship. Famine. Surf. Sand. Stoke. That's our identity. That's who we are. Come join us on The Search.

What is it that makes us Explore?
The restless urge to pack up and go.
When the rumor of a perfect wave won’t leave your mind.
The anticipation, the laughs, the disasters, the surf.
It defines who we are are… The Search.