The Search for the Ultimate Wetsuit

Rip Curl wetsuits continue to lead the world in quality and innovation, and are the standard others are measured by. Our technical innovations keep us ahead of the pack. Wetsuits are Rip Curl’s number one core product and we are the only wetsuit company in the world with our own specially designed and operated design and manufacturing centre geared for making the best surfing wetsuits on the planet.

Born at Bells Beach and the second product made by us following surfboards in 1969, wetsuits define the company and everything we do. After all, we’ve been making them for over 40 years.

If it’s six foot, howling offshore and crisp and clean – a Rip Curl wetsuit will keep you longer in the lineup and with more flexibility than any other. Plus it will dry faster than any other suit known to man – meaning you can refuel and get back out there easy and warm for multiple surfs on any given day.

It’s the lengths we go to for quality and our understanding of surfers and their needs that make our wetsuits stand out above the rest.