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One tip of the Indonesian archipelago to the other – a six-month quest – longer if surf and culture dictate. Tide, time, direction. Rip Curl crew from around the planet, in and out where we can, some legs more testing than others. Some of the same sea, some of the same feelings, destination unknown.

So how does a trip like Tip 2 Tip begin? It starts as a discussion based around a premise. “You can’t have The Search without going on The Search,” meaning exactly that. You can’t just sit back and claim it. You have to get out on the ocean if you want to create an original pathway. So let’s do it! Having now uttered the word “original”, the Indo boat trip is not a new concept. It’s 20 years since the Indies Trader 1 pulled up at Macaronis with Curren and Greeny and Dooma and Davo on board to surf and break the seal on some of the world’s finest waves. Following them there has been a two-decade long international armada searching the waters of the Indonesian archipelago.

A boat trip, and everything it mean to live on the high seas for a moment, is one of the most highly anticipated experiences in this surfing life. And therein lies the reason we all continue to do it. Perfection, fun, a slice of the pirate’s life, far, far away from the madding crowd. A single image of a single wave, accessible but off in the distance, is the catalyst needed to inspire surfers young and old to just up and go. The dream. The lineup. Full stop.

So we send the team out there on 13 charters over six months, to ride and document the waves and a way of life on the Quest 1.