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“Let’s Do This!”

“When you hear of a swell and there’s so much hype about it some people get a little apprehensive,” says Mick.
“But that’s the best way to go about it. See a swell and jump on a plane and go and chase it.”
“Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but you just have to go out there and Search for yourself…”
“Just be Searching with only three other guys out. That’s what you dream of.”
Are you ready?
As the song says… Psychic visions for me and you…
Relaxed and in good company, a spot of time in Indonesia frees the spirit for all surfers. Get there, preferably by boat, at least once in your surfing life.
“Get there, preferably by boat, at least once in your surfing life”
“We checked a few spots and we had a few ideas of where to go,” said Luke Hynd.
“One wave had been surfed three times in 12 years, but the wind was sketchy.”
“And then we found a left and we surfed it and it was just perfect.”
Luke will rival anyone for “The Most Tube Time Clocked In Different Countries Award” in 2015.
This wave can be both equal parts fright and fame when it’s on. It’s the type of wave where once you make the take off you just need to hold on and get out at the right time before it runs dry.
Garut Widiarta: might just be the King of Bali one day soon. He’s well loved by the Rip Curl crew and is always a welcome face on any Search mission. It’s always nice to hear his voice and feel his spirit, welcoming, warm, happy.
“Garut Widiarta might just be the King of Bali one day soon”
“I come from Bali and you know my place is always crowded,” Garut says. “Small waves or big waves. Crowded…”
“This time when we surf on this wave. It’s special.”
“Only us out there and having fun and get a lot of tubes.”
Untuk berselancar dengan teman-teman dan berada di laut adalah hanya sederhana dan kuat dan bagus!
Dillon Perillo: Likes to move. Likes to go. Likes to like. Likes to live The Search.
“Dillon Perillo likes to move. Likes to go. Likes to like. Likes to live The Search”
“You except that it’s going to be crowded these days, but you end up surfing perfect waves with no one out.”
“It’s pretty rare what we got.” With the right guide in these waters, the real Captains, real surfers like Doris Eltherington and Albert Taylor, you’ll find sessions where every time you paddle out you feel like the only surfers on the planet.
After a session at the brunt of the swell in the deepest of holes, the boys ran the gauntlet for other waves elsewhere in the chain.
The performance flowed and the surfing spontaneous
When Mick is on a trip everyone steps it up. He makes everyone try harder...
Garut has been surfing the chain since he was a small boy. He knows the moods, he knows the way the swells hit the reefs and he is rarely caught out of position.`
Luke Hynd makes the most of opportunity. Right guy, right time. With The Search taking off again he happens to be in the position to go whenever the call comes.
On a boat, on a bus, on a plane he has the patience and understanding to value his time in the water and will surf from sun-up to sunset.
Dillon’s always the guy to put surprise in the package.
For a lad from Malibu nestled on the star-studded coast of Los Angeles County, he takes a relaxed approach to whatever wave he finds himself on.
Each wave different to the next, each line born of his point break upbringing and designed to fly into the future.
“Everyone got good waves,” concludes Mick, but that’s not all it’s about.”
You know it’s so good just to surf 6 hours a day and come in and hang out and tell stories.
And that's a wrap.

We had been Searching for 6-months. Anytime, anywhere. Wherever Ben Matson at Swellnet could direct us into a meaningful swell.

At this point Dillon Perillo and Luke Hynd had already had their share of mysto reefs and hidden corners. Balinese hot rat Garut Widiarta, also on board, was barrel hardened at home in the Indo season, but Mick Fanning was busy being “Mick Fanning 3 X world champion, and man-of-the-moment-soon-to-be-shark puncher” – the role model all parents want their kids to grow up to be. Yet, the undisputed leader of world professional surfing was waiting in the wings for the right opportunity to whip off the comp vest and Search.

Not since his 2013 movie MISSING had he been so keen to change tracks. So when the Indo swell of the year hit and he saw it coming we received the call at RC HQ in Torquay, Victoria, Australia.

“Let’s do this!” said the Big Dog and that was all we needed to hear. With Mick in tow, we were on. A new and exciting chapter in the annals of The Search had officially begun.

Images by Corey Wilson and Jason Childs.
Filmed and edit by Andrew Buckley
Additional filming by  Nick Pollet and Dylan Jeffery
Drone footage by Stu Gibson